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Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing Cincinnati Pros is a trusted basement repair company that provides top tier basement repair solutions to Cincinatti households and commercial buildings.

Does My Foundation Need Waterproofing?

Most often times the first sign of needing a foundation waterproofing company shows when noticing water or moisture on the floor after heavy rainfall. The water has found its way through a crack in the foundation that was most likely caused by exterior water pressure outside the wall.

The 3 types of cracks that you need to be aware of are step-cracks, horizontal and vertical cracks. Each cracked it caused by some sort of unnatural occurance happening underneath or beyound your foundation or walls.

The probability that your house has foundation cracks rises if your home has a basement.It is important to take action with removing the crack no matter if water leakage has begun or not. Overtime, water will eventually begin to seap through even the smallest of cracks.This is caused by a variety of environmental stresses but can be extinguished with the propper foundation waterproofing company. Any foundation crack left alone will soon increase in size and damage the sturctural integrity of the foundation.

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How to know what stage of Cracking your foundation is in?

Waterproofing Cincinnati Pros can fix your basement no matter what stage of damage your foundation is currently in.

The first stage of cracking is a small hairline crack that can only be noticed on the outside. At this point, there are no visible cracks on the inside.
The second stage of cracking is when you start to notice water or moisture on within the walls of your basement.Any visible mold , white powder, dry rot, or peelng paint is also a sign that your cracked foundation is in the 2nd stage and needs waterproofing immediatley.
The third stage is a like the second but larger amounts of water or dampness. At this point , you may be experiencing puddles or even basement flooding.
The fourth stage is a a more obvious sign of structural damage. Your house will be experiencing bowing walls or buckling floors. Aside from the increase in water, you will also notice insects and rodents .

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Our foundation waterproofing company will fix these cracks with our high-pressure injection methods.

Foundation crack repair primarily uses two methods of injection to seal the crack. The two materials are epoxy or polyurethane foam. Depending on the size and severity of the structural damage our experienced waterproofing company will access the situation and determine the correct procedure to repair your foundation.

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