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Crawlspace Waterproofing and Encapsulation Services

Waterproofing is a service that helps keep water from your basement or crawlspace from damaging your household. The methods for waterproofing depend on the size of the building or house and the stage of the problem.

Crawspace Waterproofing Solution

If there are any visible holes or cracks in the walls or cement blocks of your crawlspace it means that you have a water pressure build up problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

There are many reasons for the exterior water pressure increasing outside of your foundation but the main ones are multiple shifts in grading to surface elements, a high water table or a faulty french frain.

Cealing the holes or cracks will only slow down the process. Since the issue is caused by overbearing water pressure, advanced crawspace waterproofing methods must be installed. Removing the exterior pressure should be priority.

What are some crawspace encapsulation solutions?

You only need encapsulation services when when you have a dirt or concrete floor crawlspace. Our crawspace waterproofing company will remove any further damage by covering the floor and walls with a waterproof barrier.

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The Encapsulation Process

Our professionals will lay a barrier over the walls and floors of your crawspace area. Whether your crawlspace has a dirt floor or concrete floor you will be provided a high quality waterproofing service that eliminates further worry and damage of your building.

If the amount of leaking water is extreme you may need a drain tile installed so that it can funnel the water out of the crawlspace and away from your foundation. To do this we must install a sump pump inside your crawlspace to remove the water.

How much does it cost to encapsulate your crawlspace?
Depending on the condition and the area of question the average cost starts from $4,000 and can get up to $15,000.
How much will a vapor barrier installation cost me?
For encapsulation to be done appropriately, the entire crawlspace must completely covered with some type of reliable material. A vapor barrier can run you anywhere from $4-$18.
How thick should my vapor barrier be?
20 mil is the recommended thickness. But the depending on the specifics of the crawlspace, a smaller size could also be effective.


Most often the solution to a damp crawlspace is the installation of an effective encapsulation system. Homeowners of older homes tend to make the mistake of thinking that venting will be the answer to their moisture problems when actuality it might help to increase it. The problem is that these crawlspace issues can eventually spread to other areas of the house, resulting in a higher cost to you as a homeowner.

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