The health of your foundation is the most important aspect of your home. Any damage to the structural integrity of your home deserves immediate attention. Water Damage will continue to get worse if the right measures aren’t taken. This is where choosing the right basement waterproofing contractor┬ácomes into place.

3 Things to Look For In a Foundation Waterproofing Contractor?

The process of looking for a new Waterproofing contractor can be a pretty tedious process. There is always a large amount of contractors in your location and its up to you to ask the right questions so you can make sure you get the right experts to fix your house. Below, we have summarized our 5 core principles we follow when selecting the right company in your area.

Years of Experience

The first place to begin is by checking the experience level of the company in question.The number of years that a foundation company has been in business is a good representation of how knowledgeable they are in their industry. You want to make sure that you are working with a reliable company that has experience with a wide range of difference foundation issues. The amount of years in the business is a great indicator for this.

Licenses and Insurances

In the vetting process you’ll want to make sure that you ask for the contractor’s licences and insurance. Foundation repair isn’t something that can just eyeball and fix later if it doesn’t work. Repairs can be pretty costly and you want to make sure that you’re working with a reputable company that provides coverage if work inst performed properly.


Warranty questions can tell you alot about how reputable a company is. Its a good idea to ask the contractor about past situtations of when they had to follow through with a warranty issue. If they say that they have had zero situations then that could mean that they have don’t keep their word and use loopholes in their contracts.On the other hand, if they have a long list of warranty issues then that could mean that they don’t do good work the first time around.Ideally you want the foundation service company to tell you a few occurances because this lets you know they stay true to their word.

Waterproofing Testimonials

Testimonials and Recommendations isnt end all be all of a relieable foundation repair company but it can give you a good idea of the quality of the past work. Its easy to fake a good testimonial so the key is to look for some left by angry customers.Even the best of companies have a few bad reviews. Analyze the scope of the review and decide from their if its irrelevant to your decision making process.

Waterproofing Cost

Its a good idea not to make a decision based on the cheapest provider. In this industry price is usually a good representation of the level of quality. Find a waterproofing company that will work with you to install a waterproofing method that will get the job done. Make sure you find out the time estimate of the project and if possible get the estimate in writing. This will help with keeping the process within your budget.

Waterproofing Cincinnati Pros has implemented this vetting process among all waterproofing and foundation repair companies in your area and given you direct access to contractors that have passed the checks up above. Whether you choose to use our recommendations or its important that you vet each competitor to make an appropriate selection.n