A basement can be a great get away or extra living area but can quickly turn into a nightmare because of mold growth and water damage. Mold in the basement usually arises due to poor ventilation and high moisture levels.

Today’s homes provide an unlimited resources for mold to feed on and then quickly spread throughout the interior and exterior of the walls. To the eye a mold spot can be described as a black sponge like spot on your walls, floors, or ceiling. The basement provides the ideal living condition for mold to survive since its most susceptible to being exposed to high levels of moisture.

Household Solutions For Mold Removal

When dealing with a mold issue it is best to fix the issue first. Removing the mold will only hide the symptoms of the sickness and not get rid of the actual sickness itself. But we understand that no one wants to have visible mold in their house so we’ve created a list of easy methods to help remove mold while you look for the right basement waterproofing company.

Removing Mold With Vinegar

One of the many uses of vinegar happens to be a removal agent for mold. You want to make sure you get some white vinegar and pour it over the mold. Let the mold soak in the vinegar for 10 minutes and the take a rag or sponge and remove the residue.

Removing Mold With Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is a another natural solution to elimate mold. Mix the Tree oil with water and shake the two solutions together. Apply as necessary until the mold has been wiped up.

Removing Mold With Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide is another household solution that can kill mold. Like the previous solution mentioned, you want to mix the hydrogen peroxide with water and apply to effected area. Letting the mold soak before wiping will provide better results.

Again, mold is only a symptom of the the main problem that occurring within your basement. Connect with reliable waterproofing experts to determine the main issue and save the structural integrity of your house today.