Experiencing flooding or water leakage in your basement can be a nightmare. Especially if your basement served as another living room or storage facility. Preventative measures must be taken to make sure water never gets into your basement. Any amount of water can lead to mold problems and extreme structural damage. Installing a Sump Pump is usually the best course of action but this is only half your problem resolved. You must now figure out where the water will go.

How Do Drainage Systems Work?

The drainage channel will help rid the issue of your basement flooding. The channel is installed around the outside of your house’s walls. Once channel has been created, it will be covered with cement to secure the channel and prevent water from escaping its route.As it rains the draining system comes into effect by sending the water back into the water table, thus maintaining or creating a dry basement.

Basement Drainage Repair

Sometimes a drainage system can become clogged due to temperature changes that occur during seasonal changes. Certain unclogging chemicals that can be found at your local walmart may get rid of the clog but if that doesn’t work than you need to hire a professional to remove whatever is blocking the drainage system or repair whatever damage has occurred from within.